Wednesday, July 30, 2008

San Diego

Orangutan and Siamang
Originally uploaded by deeneedee

Last week Dan and I took a trip to San Diego. We didn’t make it to The Comic Con because they had sold out of memberships. So instead we just visited the usual places, like the San Diego Zoo.

The first exhibit we went to is Absolutely Apes. It’s best to see them first because the apes are usually near the viewing windows. The day we went the orangutans and siamangs were out. They are very interesting to watch especially since they watch us to see what interesting things we might do.

The next stop was the Monkey Trails exhibit. They have a variety of different monkeys that sometimes share exhibits with other animals such as pygmy hippos or dukirs. After the monkeys we checked to see if the gorillas and bonobos were out. The gorillas were hiding in hard to see spots in the exhibit but some of the bonobos were out.

When we were done viewing the primates we checked out some of the other animals. On this zoo visit we stayed longer than we usually do and got to other parts of the zoo that we don’t often see. We took a lot of pictures. I’ve uploaded some on Flickr so check them out.