Monday, September 14, 2009

Sugoi Life

Sugoi Life is a store in the Northridge Mall that Dan and I visit. According to the Sugoi Life website Sugoi means fantastic. Sugoi Life has the largest selection of Re-Ment products that I have seen as well as a large selection of vinyl toys and Anime related items. They also carry t-shirts, bags, stationery items, house wares, and snacks. The store has some odd photo booths in the front but I decided to have my picture with Domo Kun instead.

Here is a picture of my current Re-Ment display that I took before I changed it. These are from the Fairy Tale Tableware series which has a lot of very creative sets. There is also one Mega House set in there as well (can you guess which one it is?)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Baseball Super Freaks

Here are some trading stickers from my childhood that I thought were long gone. These are from the 1973 Baseball Super Freaks by Don Russ. There were 44 stickers in the series but I only have 40 of them. They bring back memories of summertime when we used to get these and Slurpees (in DC comic book heroes collector cups) from the local 7-Eleven store.

So, who do you think "Henry the Horrible" was based on?