Thursday, May 6, 2010

Status Report

Wow! I let two months slip by without a new post.

Earlier this year my sisters and I were helping our parents to move out of their house so it could be sold. They haven't been able to sell it so they have taken off the market and will rent it out until the prices get better. Before they rent it they were advised by people they know to make some changes to appeal to renters. They were told to take down all of the wallpaper, the wood paneling, and paint the walls in a neutral color.

Last weekend my sisters, significant others, and myself had a work party to do some of the tasks. I thought the removal of the wood paneling would be the hard part. However the guys were able to take it down with no problems. The wallpaper was another matter. It took all day to remove the wallpaper from the entry hallway, kitchen and dinning area. And that was with help from the guys when they had finished with the paneling. I hate wallpaper.

On Wednesday I went over to help my parents with some painting. They had already started with that and had painted one bedroom. I helped them finish another bedroom, painted the hallway and started on another bedroom. I didn't mind the painting since I got to use the long handled roller so I could paint up to the ceiling!

Dan and I have also been working on our place. We took all of the stuff that was in the work/art room and set up some shelves, the Expedit series, from Ikea. Dan did most of the assembly but I helped, too! We just need to bolt them to the walls and then I can put all of the stuff back in order.

Here are some pictures:

Looking through the doorway into the room.

This is the medium sized Expedit shelf unit with the desk attached.

The smaller Expedit shelf unit next to a desk acquired at a garage sale and chair donated by my parents.

The largest Expedit shelf unit next to the medium size. The large is about 6 feet tall.

An older bookcase that we already had.

File drawers that my Dad gave me. Don't have much that will fit under the low window.